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Next Security Partners with Genesis for Advanced Life Safety Solutions

Next Security Partners with Genesis for Advanced Life Safety Solutions

Next Security has proudly partnered with Genesis, a titan in the realm of high-performance, low voltage cabling. This collaboration is set to expand our portfolio, bringing next-level life safety and security solutions directly to you.

The cornerstone of seamless functionality is connectivity. Devices such as smoke detectors, pull stations and modules require integration with a fire alarm control panel. Similarly, security cameras must interface with a network video recorder, and devices for intrusion systems must be networked to an intrusion system panel. Essentially, every element of life safety security must be interconnected through dependable cabling to guarantee operational integrity and, by extension, our safety

With Genesis's "Wire that Works", you are assured of a seamless and reliable infrastructure that's not only easy to manage but also built to last, always innovating.

The UL-Listed high-performance, low-voltage cables from Genesis are recognized for their consistent reliability across an extensive array of those applications. Cables are crucial for ensuring not only high-speed data transmission, but also steadfast connectivity. This collaboration stands as proof of Next Security's dedication to integrating state-of-the-art technology into robust life safety security systems.

Say goodbye to cumbersome wood reels: we’re bringing the simplicity and efficiency of pull boxes directly to you, transforming the installation, transportation, and maintenance of all systems. Some of it’s greats benefits are: 

Ease of Installation: Quick, efficient setups that save time and reduce labor costs.

Lightweight Solution: No more heavy lifting, making the transportation of cabling materials a breeze.

Cost-Effective: Less weight equals lower shipping costs, directly benefiting your bottom line.


Overall, Genesis provides reliable solutions and decreases the necessity for continuous infra-structure dependability checks and frequent servicing, ensuring that once installed, systems like fire detection, fire suppression, CCTV, access control, intrusion and gas detection remain trustworthy and efficient. 





We're committed to upholding the standards that Genesis Cable has set, with warranties that cover, and support that’s responsive. With easy access to these premium products, we're gearing up to redefine the expectations In the landscape of building security.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey with Genesis. This collaboration stands as a proof of our dedication into bringing next-level life safety and security solutions,  ensuring that you are well-prepared for any challenges that may arise in the future. 

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