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Next Security Elevates Its Position as a National Authorized Distributor for Kidde

We've proudly entered into a strategic alliance with Kidde, renowned worldwide for their leadership in fire safety and security technology. Now, Next Security is Kidde's national authorized distributor. This partnership isn't just a business move; it's a leap forward in our relentless pursuit of delivering exceptional fire safety solutions tailored to your needs.

Kidde is renowned for its extensive range of life safety products. With a rich history dating back to 1917, Kidde has been at the forefront of fire safety innovation, creating advanced solutions to protect people and property from fire and related hazards. Today, their products are integral to homes and businesses worldwide, from smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to safety accessories. Kidde's commitment extends beyond products to community initiatives and partnerships with nonprofits, sharing expertise and resources to enhance fire safety awareness​​​​​​​​.

Why choose Kidde? 

Kidde's advanced fire safety solutions, renowned for their quality and reliability, are available only through authorized distributors, like Next Security. This exclusivity ensures that customers receive genuine, top-tier products backed by the assurance of Kidde's rigorous standards. Alongside this, Kidde's dedication to customer satisfaction is mirrored in their comprehensive customer support network. Their full-scale customer service channel, ranging from detailed product information, FAQs, to real-time support, is designed to provide guidance and swift resolution to customer inquiries.

At Next Security, we offer the dual advantage of accessing Kidde's exceptional product lineup alongside our unwavering commitment to a customer-first service approach. We provide certification for the ModuLaser,  VM and VS Series, a crucial step since these series are exclusively sold to individuals who possess the proper certification for each. This certification ensures that our customers not only receive high-quality products but also meet the necessary professional standards to use them effectively. Reach out our engineering team for more details! 

Discover Kidde's Customized Solutions for Projects of Any Size:

FX Series 

The Kidde FX Series stands out as a remarkably economical and user-friendly option for fire safety, eliminating the need for a paid license while offering intuitive programming that's perfect for small to medium enterprises not requiring complex systems. With costs that are 15% lower than other addressable panels yet competitive with conventional ones, the Kidde FX Series provides unmatched value. Essentially, customers invest in a conventional panel and receive the advanced functionality of an addressable system. Furthermore, the series promotes sustainability by allowing the reuse of existing wiring and offers scalability with expandability up to 1000 points, making it a smart, forward-thinking choice for businesses aiming to enhance their fire safety measures efficiently.

VS Series 

The Kidde VS Series stands at the forefront of safety and innovation, offering an integrated solution for smoke and carbon monoxide detection with its Signature Series device. The inclusion of an Ethernet port revolutionizes maintenance and oversight by enabling remote diagnostics and reporting. Furthermore, the VS Series is designed with incremental auto programming, simplifying updates and adjustments to align with the evolving needs of your building. It boasts advanced detection and processing capabilities, supporting the intelligent detectors and modules of the Signature Series. With the capacity to accommodate up to 1,000 devices, the Kidde VS Series provides a robust "small system" solution with extensive room for growth, making it an ideal choice for a wide array of environments seeking reliable and scalable safety systems.

VM Series 

The Kidde VM Series is meticulously designed to satisfy the advanced requirements of modern safety systems. It supports up to 24 panels and 24,000 addressable devices, enabling the attachment of 30 annunciators per panel. Leveraging correlation programming, the series offers a streamlined and secure installation process. This design ensures the VM Series can handle the complexities of modern fire safety and security demands with ease.Distinguished by its intelligent addressable devices that employ electronic addressing, the series significantly cuts down on installation times and boosts system reliability. A specialized mapping system verifies the correct placement of each device, thereby averting potential technical complications. Maintenance and troubleshooting are made more straightforward with its diagnostic check bar, and the user interface features a 960 character LCD capable of displaying 8 active messages in 4 distinct colors, enhancing clarity and interaction. Moreover, the series' light weight enhances ease of installation and handling, without sacrificing any aspect of functionality or safety.


ModuLaser offers an advanced, scalable aspirating smoke detection solution designed to simplify installation, speed up maintenance, and expand the scope beyond traditional detectors. It consists of two primary components: a display module for user interface and a detector module for smoke detection, supporting up to 250 meters (820 feet) per module with RS-485 communication. The system's modular design enables efficient, non-overlapping zoning for precise area monitoring, with individual alarm relay outputs for direct communication with the fire alarm panel. Its innovative docking station design and flexible pipework entries facilitate straightforward installation, while the intuitive color TFT display ensures easy programming and diagnostics. The quick-fit pipe adaptor system enhances connection ease, and the self-contained detector modules allow for fast smoke location identification, streamlining the overall detection process.    

In life safety management, efficiency and precision are key: FireWorks®, a cutting-edge incident management platform, centralizes and simplifies the oversight of all your installed fire and life safety devices, offering comprehensive insights at a glance. This platform expertly fine-tunes the functionality of Kidde devices, including the ModuLaser, FX Series, VM Series, and VS Series, facilitating flawless integration for the sophisticated monitoring and management of fire alarm systems and other safety mechanisms. Through FireWorks®, Kidde's devices are transformed into the linchpin of a highly effective incident response strategy, empowering swift, decisive actions that significantly bolster safety and reduce response times during emergencies. By leveraging FireWorks®, you ensure the peak performance of your systems, elevating your customer's safety to the next level.

As Next Security steps into the role of an authorized distributor for Kidde, we are poised to broaden our array of fire safety equipment significantly. This alliance not only amplifies the diversity of our products but also cements our resolve to bring the finest fire safety technology to our customers. Our commitment is unwavering in ensuring the protection of your homes and businesses with reliable, high-quality products and services. This strategic partnership with Kidde enables us to enhance our impact and reach, equipping our customers with some of the most effective and innovative fire safety tools in the market.

In collaboration with Kidde, Next Security is gearing up to redefine the benchmarks in fire safety and security. We're excited about the potential of this partnership and committed to keeping you informed. Expect regular updates from us, as we will be sharing weekly content about Kidde's innovative solutions, alongside our efforts in offering technical support and facilitating certifications. These updates will not only highlight our evolving product range but also feature various initiatives aimed at enhancing fire safety in our communities. Stay connected with us for these insightful updates, and join us in this journey towards a safer future.

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